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Hollister UK

Last Saturday opened a new Hollister store on German soil. In addition to the previously single store in Frankfurt Hollister UK, the Centro Oberhausen was enriched with this long-awaited branch of the American Hollister Outlet brand. We were there and show you a few impressions Hollister Sale ...


December opened the Californian fashion brand Hollister Frankfurt mall My Zeil her first store in Germany. The hype Hollister UK surrounding it stops. In its home market, the U.S., the unusual store concept, however, is losing its appeal. Hollister is the daughter brand of Abercrombie & Fitch (A & F) Hollister UK - slightly cheaper, slightly less college style, more surfer Hollister Outlet look. It is aimed at the target group of about 12 - to 16-year-olds Hollister UK. The waiting time in the sometimes three lines in front of the Frankfurt Hollister Sale store can sometimes take up to Hollister UK an hour.


"The one thing that makes Hollister UK it so exciting and successful, is the clubbing principle. The store is like Hollister Outlet a club," says Karen Heumann, brand strategist and CEO of Hamburg advertising Hollister Sale agency Jung von Matt. So far there was Hollister fashion only buy abroad or on the internet, then Hollister UK what horrendous cost postage. More stores Hollister Sale in Germany are rumored to planning, to move into a hamburger same shopping  Hollister Outletcenter later this year. This confirms Hollister UK at least the head of the rental center, A & F is silent on this Hollister UK. Secrecy seems to be part of the strategy. Hollister lives of word-of-mouth, does not advertise in Germany.


"The store is just put Hollister up his very different - I like the feeling", the Frankfurter Carolin Müller border (17) Hollister UK against the music in the shop. "Hey, what's up? Welcome to the pier," rattles a pretty blonde Hollister seller down his standard rate. A Yank? "No, no, I am in Frankfurt." The 700-square Hollister UK -foot store smells peculiar to musk. "An 'As-would-because Hollister Outlet-people-dance-and-sweat-smell'," says brand expert Karen Hollister Sale Heumann.